Thermostat Wars at Your House? Zoning Can Help

If you family is like most, there is some disagreement in your house about the ideal temperature. In order to keep the whole family happy and comfortable of course, some compromise is in order. If parts of your home are almost unusable in the Northern Indiana or Southwestern Michigan summers or just too cold in winter time, a more comprehensive solution may be required. A key element in home comfort for more complicated, yet extremely common, situations like this is the concept of temperature zoning systems.

When you install a zoned system in your home, you are able to precisely control the temperature in all parts of the house. This means that if the sun is streaming in on one side of the house on a summer morning, you can cool the rooms on the sunny side without the other (shady) side getting over-air-conditioned and too cold. Aside from being uncomfortable and inconvenient, this is a waste of energy. In short, zoning systems allow you to use any room in the house at any time of day, comfortably, while saving energy.

You, your family and your guests deserve to be comfortable in your home, no matter what Mother Nature has in mind. A skilled HVAC contractor can evaluate your home’s unique climate zones and come up with a zoning plan to take care of the problem once and for all. Most homeowners find that upgraded home comfort zoning systems pay for themselves shortly with lower monthly utility bills.

Take the first step by contacting the experienced HVAC professionals at Home Comfort Experts with all your home temperature zoning questions. We are happy to provide system design, installation, maintenance service and/or advice on any home comfort issues.


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