Top 5 Reasons Your Home Needs A Humidifier Installed This Winter

Is your home full of over-dry air that helps breed viruses, makes skin itchy, and creates static electricity?  If you have not changed the filter in your home’s humidifier or if your home does not have a humidifier, these symptoms may be filling your home!  The Humidifier Specialists at Home Comfort Experts put together their top five reasons your home needs a humidifier installed this winter to avoid complications like these.

1. Humidified Air Makes for Healthier Living Conditions

Humidifiers help homes maintain a moisture level that makes for a healthier living condition.  Without a humidifier your home could become over-dry, which creates an environment that allows viruses to thrive and sore throats, coughs, and colds to develop.  Sore throats cultivate as you breathe in dry air all day and night, leaving your throat irritated.  Additionally, when the tissues in your nose and throat are dry, they cannot function properly and end up passing germs into your lungs. Colds and coughs are a result of this.

2. Installing a Humidifier Can Help Home Furnishings & Wood Floors Last Longer

In addition to unhealthy living conditions, dry air also brings damage to your home furnishing and interior.  Without moisture in the air, your furniture, hardwood flooring, and molding will develop cracks. These costly cracks can be avoided with the installation of a whole house humidifier and your home’s furniture, flooring, and molding will last even longer.

 3. Dry Skin & Chapped Lips Are a Result of Dry Air

As the air in your home dries out, so do your lips and skin. In fact, non-humidified air is often the cause of bloody noses and itchy eyes. To avoid these uncomfortable symptoms, try to keep your indoor humidity level between 30% and 50%. This is the ideal level of moisture and can be maintained with a humidifier.

4. Humidifiers Help Lower Monthly Bills

With the installation of a humidifier, your home’s air actually feels warmer. This means that you will be able to lower your thermostat by several degrees and in turn will be able to save money on your utility bills.

5. Static Electricity Decreases With the Installation of a Humidifier

Static electricity occurs when there is an excess of electric charge that is trapped on the surface of an object.  It increases in homes without humidifiers because the dry air creates a good insulator for the static electricity.

There you have it, the top five reasons your home needs a humidifier installed this winter! Give Home Comfort Experts a call today to schedule a humidifier repair, replacement, or installation at (574) 255-4600 for our Mishawaka location or (260) 490-5100 for our Columbia City location.

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