Use These Tips To Know When To Repair Or Replace Air Conditioning

There comes a time in every home’s life when its “Old Faithful” air conditioner becomes just a little bit too old, or is no longer quite as faithful. When that happens, you face a decision of whether to repair or replace your old A/C system. The decision can have a big impact on both your family’s comfort and finances. A new air conditioning system is not always cheap, but neither are repeated repairs to an old A/C that should have already been put out to pasture.

There are some ways to get a good idea of whether you should repair or replace your old A/C. You should consider replacing your air conditioner if any of the following apply:

  • Your air conditioner needs frequent repairs. One repair job is almost always cheaper than buying a replacement unit, but multiple repair jobs can quickly add up to more than you would have spent on a new system. Plus, instead of enjoying a smooth-running new A/C, you are left with an old repaired one — and the headache of constantly getting it fixed.
  • Your current air conditioner is at least 10 years old. All machines do eventually wear out, and for an air conditioner, becoming a teenager is like entering a retirement home. It can still be fixed, but don’t be surprised if you end up having to replace it soon anyways.
  • Your summer electric bills are higher than in past years. As an air conditioner wears out, it often becomes less efficient. So, besides being a sign that your A/C is not working well, it also indicates that you would save money each month by installing a new, energy-efficient model.
  • Your air conditioner is noisy, or your home is excessively humid or dusty. All are signs that there is a problem with your current A/C.

At Home Comfort Experts, we have helped northern Indiana and southwest Michigan homeowners with the “repair or replace” decision countless times. We would be happy to take a look at your current A/C and give you a professional opinion on whether it would be better off repaired or replaced, so contact us today.


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