UV Light Is A Proven Air Quality Hero

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Few things are as important as the air you breathe. Unfortunately, our modern lives have us spending most of our time indoors, where the air is often less than fresh and where microorganisms such as mold and bacteria can easily thrive.


However, there is a proven ally you can recruit to improve your indoor air quality and keep your family healthy. The unassuming, unexpected air quality hero? UV light.


UV (ultraviolet) light performs one simple but vital function when it comes to cleaning the air: it kills germs. The UV rays emitted by indoor ultraviolet systems are deadly to single-celled organisms, such as bacteria and mold. These UV rays are even commonly referred to as “germicidal lights” because of their germ-killing capabilities. They have a proven track record, and have been used in hospitals and other medical facilities for decades to both clean the air and disinfect instruments. The same technology is now being used in homes.


UV lights are most effective at improving indoor air quality when they are installed within the home’s central HVAC system. Though the UV rays are contained within the small space of an air duct, the HVAC system circulates all of the home’s air through that small space on a daily basis. And since the dark, moist inside of an air conditioning system is one of the places mold can gain a foothold, having a UV light source nearby can help keep your A/C coil clean and cut down on the number of mold spores in the air. Having the right air filter¬†is also helpful, as it can stall the movement of microorganisms just long enough to increase the dosage of UV rays they receive.


To learn more about UV light options for your home, as well as other tools and tips for improving your indoor air quality, contact us at Home Comfort Experts. We serve homeowners throughout Northern Indiana and Southwest Michigan, and would be happy to answer your questions or offer expert advice.



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