How to Know if Your Furnace Needs Emergency Repair

Furnace Emergency Repair

Feeling cold in the middle of the winter is the last thing that anyone wants. That is why doing a regular furnace checkup is important. This way, you’ll be able to prevent your furnace from breaking down. Here are the signs that indicate an emergency furnace repair should be done.

Heating System Is Outdated

Furnaces have a lifespan of about 15-20 years on average. Schedule a regular maintenance to help keep it running as efficiently as possible. If the furnace is 20 years and older, pay attention to irregularities, unfamiliar sounds, smells, or leakage. These should prompt immediate professional inspection. Licensed technicians will tell you what issue needs to be addressed or if the whole unit needs to be replaced.

Blows Cold Air

When the heater is on, but you feel cold air being pushed out of the system, it’s time to get your unit checked by a professional. This can be caused by a broken blower fan. It could also be because of a malfunctioning pilot light. These issues would require thorough assessment and testing by a licensed technician.

Creates Strange Noise

A furnace does make several kinds of noises. However, when you start to hear loud bangs, screeches, or cracks, it needs to be inspected right away. Something may have come apart or loose. You may also hear your furnace turn on and off too frequently. These are strong signs that the heating system may break very soon.

Has a Faulty Pilot Light

Natural gas furnaces have blue pilot lights. This is because methane, the chemical compound used in natural gas, burns blue. If you check and see that it has turned yellow, your unit may be leaking carbon monoxide, a very toxic gas. If you also notice condensation, rusting, and a nasty rotten egg smell coming from the unit, shut it off. These are signs of significant carbon monoxide leakage.

Increased Heating Bills

Furnaces increase electric and gas bills with use. But, when you notice a significantly higher bill with regular heater usage, this may be a sign that the furnace needs inspection. Your unit has most likely been running a lot longer to heat your home. This concern must be addressed soon since it may mean that your unit needs to be replaced.

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