What Food Items Do Not Belong in the Garbage Disposal?

eggshells in different colors

Garbage disposals are a necessity. But people still take the home appliance for granted. Dumping everything in the kitchen unit does not mean that these things will be gone forever; some of these items might just go back up. Reaching down the drain is not an option either.

While you can dump most food and ingredients into the garbage disposal, there are things that would be better dumped in the trash. If you’ve already thrown some of these down the drain, then it’s time that you contact Home Comfort Experts, your reliable plumbing company in Indiana, for a garbage disposal repair.

Egg Shells

When you see chefs put eggshells in the kitchen sink, they just lay it there, they’re not dropping it down the garbage disposal. The shells can stick to the sides, then clog the pipes and cause water to back up.

Fruit Pits and Peels

Have you tried cutting through an avocado seed? If you can’t cut through it, don’t put it down the garbage disposal.


After you finish your bucket of fried chicken, don’t dump the bones into the garbage disposal. Instead, just put it in the trash. The bones will only keep spinning and eventually break down the blades.


Eggs and bacon are staple breakfast food. After cooking these items, you may dump the grease down the drain. The problem with this action is that the liquid will mix with other chemicals in the sewers, blocking pipes and causing sewers to overflow.

Running water can help ease food scraps into the pipes. But doing this to grease, especially with cold water, would only harden it and clog the pipes. This can cause water to back up, making food and grease fill up your sink now.

It’s tempting to simply dump everything down the garbage disposal. After all, it is a “garbage disposal,”  and it squishes food waste. But hold off on throwing certain food into the unit to avoid a big mess and a plumbing issue.

Regular maintenance is a necessity to avoid plumbing problems so contact us today and receive prompt and efficient plumbing services today.

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