When Your Ductwork Isn’t Sealed Tight, You’re Losing More Than Air

One of the easiest parts of your home heating and cooling system to ignore is the ductwork. This simple but important part of your system conveys the heated and cooled air from your air-handling unit to the various rooms of your house. Tucked away in walls, attics and basements, it’s a part of the system that few people really think about.


Surprisingly, though, your ductwork can have a lot to do with the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. According to the federal government’s Energy Star program, in houses with forced air heating and cooling, leaks in the ducts cause an average loss of 20 percent of the air that travels through the system. This air is lost through poorly fitted and improperly sealed joints in the ducts.


Losing that air is bad enough, especially during the winter here in Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan. Significant loss of heated air in cold climates can mean your home never gets warm enough, no matter how you set the thermostat.


In addition, along with that heated air, you’re losing the energy that your HVAC system used to heat it. With a 20 percent air loss, the system has to work longer to control your home’s temperature. That means that you are paying significantly more for energy to heat your home with poorly sealed ductwork.


The good news is that most of these leaks can be sealed with duct sealant or mastic. At the same time, adding insulation to ductwork in the attic or basement can provide additional energy savings.


A simple inspection by a trained HVAC professional can quickly determine if your ductwork is improperly sealed or needs insulation. Our technicians stand ready to answer your questions about your home’s heating and cooling system. Please contact us at Home Comfort Experts and make an appointment for one of our professionals to check your system before the cold weather hits.


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