Whole House Humidifiers Have Whole-House Appeal, Portable Units Do Not

If you find the dry winter air uncomfortable, or even suffer from allergies as a result of it, you’re probably looking ahead to the long winter season with dread. You can find relief beyond nasal sprays and medications with whole house humidifiers. They go beyond portable units’ capabilities by providing relief throughout all the space in your home, giving you a respite from dry air.

Humidifiers provide welcome relief from dry air, regardless of how cool the air and how low the humidity. You might be tempted to purchase a portable humidifier to add moisture back into the air in your home, but it will be limited in the scope to which it can provide relief, because portable units:

  • Can humidify only a limited amount of square footage
  • Have to move with you as you move through the home to get continuing relief
  • Require daily maintenance. To keep it clean, you’ll have to wipe down the surfaces regularly. In addition, you’ll have to manually fill the water tank.
  • Use more energy than a whole-house system, when you combine several portable devices to try to provide whole-house relief

Whole house humidifiers are a good alternative to the limitations of portable devices, and they offer several unique advantages, including the following factors:

  • Whole-house systems install alongside your heating equipment, so as your heating system produces warm air, the humidifier releases moisture and because the HVAC system is designed to deliver air throughout your entire home, you end up with a home that’s completely and comfortably humidified.
  • The system will get its water supply from a permanent connection with your home’s water supply, so you never have to refill a whole-house system.
  • Maintenance is minimal, requiring just an annual visit from your HVAC contractor, and can be performed at the same time as regular maintenance for your HVAC equipment.

For help in selecting a system, or just to explore your options, contact Home Comfort Experts today. Serving Northern Indiana and Southwest Michigan with our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, we’re always happy to help.

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