Why “I Can Wait Until Next Year” Isn’t In Your Residential HVAC System’s Best Interest

Hvac Repair

Repairing or replacing a residential HVAC system is generally not high on the priority list of most homeowners. That is why even when most homeowners begin to hear, smell or sense a problem with the system, they don’t get it fixed right away. Instead, most homeowners continue to push off repairs until “next year,” not realizing the real damage they could be doing.

While it may not seem like a big deal, waiting to make HVAC repairs can, in fact, present serious problems.

Repairs Can Turn Into New Systems

What started out as a simple HVAC repair can turn into a full HVAC replacement if left untreated. If the system is being overworked due to a maintenance issue, it can simply break down completely. The longer an HVAC problem is left untreated, the harder the system has to work. When the system is continually overworked, eventually it will completely shut down.

In the Indiana/Michigan market an air conditioner runs about 800 hours annually and a furnace runs 2,500 hours a year. All this cycling on and off creates wear on the system. Semi-annual tune-ups are key.

Hvac Repair“Small” Problems Can Have Big Consequences

While a whirring sound or a faint burning smell may not seem like a reason to call an HVAC professional, these small problems can, in fact, turn into huge issues. Strange smells can signify a bacterial outbreak, critters stuck in the ducts, clogged blowers or filters or, the worst case scenario, a gas leak, which could lead to a natural gas explosion or a carbon monoxide leak, which could lead to headaches, memory loss, flu-like symptom and even death if not dealt with accordingly. Similarly, a burning smell or a squeaking sounds can signal a motor issue, which in some instances could lead to an electrical fire.

As soon as you sense there could be a problem with your HVAC unit, you want to get it repaired immediately to ensure there are no big consequences. But you can avoid this by getting tune-ups twice a year (once for air conditioning and once for your furnace) before you sense anything is wrong — just as you would get your oil changed in your car twice a year, or your teeth professionally cleaned. HVAC systems are much more complicated (and effective) machines than they were just 10 years ago and require expertise to maintain.

Contaminants Can Infiltrate Your Home

Air conditioning systems remove water from the air. When an HVAC system experiences problems, this water can collect or leak. In some instances, the water can be released into the ducts, while in other instances, it can form puddles. In either case, water can cause mold to grow, which can have a negative impact on your family’s health.

When your HVAC system begins to show signs of wear and tear, the most important thing to do is call an HVAC professional immediately. You should not attempt to make any HVAC repairs yourself, as faulty repairs can lead to further problems. Taking care of HVAC problems immediately will keep you and your family safe and can potentially save you thousands of dollars!

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