Why You Need Air Conditioning in Summer

Why You Need an Air Conditioning System This Summer

Until the early 1900s, the only way to cool a house was to open a window. Although the technology for air conditioners had been invented in 1902, it was not until the 1920s that it was introduced for residential use.

After that, home comfort was changed forever. Soon, companies that specialized in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) were installing and servicing home cooling systems across the country. People now realize that they need an air conditioner to remain safe and comfortable during the summer.

Are you a homeowner who hasn’t installed air conditioning? Or, is your system so old that the cost of replacement will pay for itself in energy savings? Industry standards show that systems more than 10 to 12 years old may be running on older, energy-hogging technology or, if not properly maintained, are very likely to have worn parts that decrease efficiency.

There are so many good reasons to install central air conditioning or replace an existing, older machine.

4 Benefits of Air Conditioners

There are many reasons why we use air conditioning, especially during the summer months. From making the temperature in your house to your specific liking to reducing humidity, everyone will appreciate a new AC unit. There are even medical reasons as to why you need an air conditioning system in your home! Read below to find out:

1. Livable Environment

Air conditioning revolutionized living in hot desert regions of the country, making places like Phoenix and Tucson attractive to newcomers who sought warmth and sunshine. This technology ensured that their homes remained comfortable, regardless of the scorching exterior temperatures.

In a similar vein, many residents of Michigan also appreciate the comfort and convenience that air conditioning provides, even in a different climate. Much like those living in the Southwest, Michigan residents understand the impact that air conditioning has on their lives, allowing them to escape the heat of summer in their cool homes.

No matter the environment, homeowners benefit from being able to control their home’s temperature throughout the entire year.

2. Health Benefits

Hot, unfiltered air can make certain health issues worse, such as respiratory problems, allergies, sinus troubles, and stress. It can also be tough for those with limited mobility. However, cold, filtered air can make a big difference for people dealing with these problems, as it helps them feel more comfortable and reduces allergy symptoms.

When it’s really hot, things can get risky. In extreme cases, certain medical conditions require air conditioning. Soaring temperatures can cause people to suffer from heat exhaustion or heat stroke. For people with heart problems or other serious health issues, it’s crucial to stay in a cool environment.

Cooling systems offer safety when the temperature rises or germs intrude on your home. They have filters that trap allergens, dust, and other tiny particles in the air. Over time, stress can weaken our resistance to these airborne irritants. Using air conditioning for a long time can break the cycle of getting sick every year.

3. Reduce Humidity

Humidity, which is the amount of water in the air, can make us feel just as uncomfortable as high temperatures do. When the air is super humid, we get covered with sweat, which doesn’t evaporate. Evaporation is one of our body’s natural ways to keep us cool. When it can’t happen properly because of too much humidity, we end up with damp, sticky clothes, cranky moods, and a general feeling of tiredness.

Air conditioning is like a hero in such situations. It works similarly to a dehumidifier by taking the water out of the air and putting it outside, so we are left with cool, dry air in our homes.

4. Provides Comfort

Feelings of irritability and fatigue can often be traced back to extended periods of extreme heat or cold. These mood swings are commonly accompanied by headaches, colds, coughing, and other bothersome issues.

When faced with excessive heat or cold, our bodies work extra hard to keep our internal temperature just right. Without the help of air conditioning to regulate the temperature and humidity in our homes, we end up using more energy, which can leave us feeling tired and sluggish.

Additionally, if you’re sweating excessively due to the heat, it can lead to dehydration, making you feel even worse. Get the most out of your air conditioner and create a comfortable environment that helps you stay energetic and healthy.

So, is air conditioning a necessity? To remain comfortable, safe, and healthy in your home, it absolutely is. If you’re convinced that you need air conditioning in your home, call Home Comfort Experts. We’re a family-run company that specializes in providing expert HVAC service and maintenance throughout northern Indiana and southwestern Michigan.

We’re dedicated to helping you and your family remain comfortable and safe in your home, regardless of the temperature outside. Contact us today to get help with your AC unit.

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