Why You Need an Air Conditioning System This Summer

Why You Need an Air Conditioning System This Summer

Until the early 1900s, the only way to cool a house was to open a window. Although technology for air conditioners had been invented in 1902, it was not until the 1920s that it was introduced for residential use. After that, home comfort was changed forever. Soon, companies that specialized in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) were installing and servicing home cooling systems across the country.

Are you one of the homeowners who haven’t installed air conditioning? Or is your system so old that cost of replacement will pay for itself in energy savings? Industry standards show that systems more than 10-12 years old may be running on older, energy-hogging technology or, if not properly maintained, are very likely to have worn parts that decrease efficiency. There are so many good reasons to install central air conditioning or replace an existing, older machine. Perhaps you should reconsider. Let’s go over the benefits:

Benefits of Air Conditioning

  1. Livable Environment. Air conditioning allowed people to live in hot desert regions of the country in comfort for the first time. Areas like Phoenix and Tucson suddenly flourished as new residents moved in to take advantage of the warm, sunny climate, knowing their homes could be maintained at a comfortable level regardless of the exterior temperature. (Many residents of Michiana feel the same way.)
  1. Health Benefits. Hot, unfiltered air can exacerbate respiratory problems, allergies, heat-induced stress, sinus problems and limited mobility. People who suffer from these conditions find filtered cold air alleviates their discomfort and allergy symptoms. Excessive heat can be harmful. In extreme instances, people may suffer heat exhaustion or heat stroke. For people with heart problems or other serious medical conditions, a cool environment may be essential.

Cooling system filters block allergens, dust and other particulates in the air. Over long periods, stress wears down resistance to air-born nuisances. Long-term air conditioning use helps end annual illness cycles.

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  1. Reduce Humidity. Humidity, which is the amount of water in the air, can cause as much discomfort as high temperatures. Excessive humidity causes us to sweat, and because the air is supersaturated with moisture, sweat doesn’t evaporate. Evaporation is one of the body’s most important mechanisms for maintaining thermal equilibrium. When it’s inhibited, we’re left with sticky wet clothes, bad tempers and lethargy.

Air conditioning works by removing the water from the air and depositing it outside, leaving only dry, cool air to flow into the building interior. You could say an air conditioner does your sweating for you.

  1. Provides Comfort. Often irritability and fatigue are caused by excessive periods of extreme heat or cold. These mood swings are often accompanied by headaches, colds, coughing and other minor but irritating conditions.

Excessive heat or cold causes the body to expend energy in an attempt to maintain the proper internal temperature. Without air conditioning to control air temperature and humidity in your living or work space, humans use more energy, which might cause them to feel lethargic. If you’re sweating excessively, you might also suffer from dehydration.

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