Tips for Preparing Your HVAC System for Winter

HVAC System for Winter

So you’ve already started wearing your long sleeves, jackets, and other fun outfits for the cold season. But those won’t be enough to keep you warm if your home isn’t prepared for winter. How do you ensure your family’s safety when the chilly weather strikes? By checking if your heating system is working efficiently. Here are some tips on how to winterize your HVAC unit.

Clean the Unit

Start cleaning the outdoor unit. Any debris, dirt, and twigs must be removed. Then, clear any growing weeds or vines around the equipment before spraying it with a hose to completely get rid of dust and soil. Make sure that the fans and other parts are not damaged. Let it dry afterward. 

Meanwhile, remove the grille of your HVAC unit and wipe around the edges. Then, clean the vents before placing them back. This can help reduce allergens circulating in your home.

Cover the HVAC Equipment

Once the outdoor unit is dry, place a cover on it. Doing this will prevent moisture and other elements from entering the unit. Additionally, covering the equipment will protect it from snow, heavy wind, or freezing temperatures, which can damage the heating system. You can use either a plastic or a tarp and then weigh it down using rocks to prevent the covering from being blown away.

Replace the Air Filters

Debris, dust, and allergens can get inside the unit and affect its efficiency. The elements clogging your system will decrease the airflow and cause it to work harder. Hence, changing the air filters every 3-4 months is ideal. Replacing the old filters is the cheapest way to ensure that your unit is running smoothly. Additionally, it helps prevent any big problems and repairs over time. Remember to do this task often.

Schedule an Inspection for Your HVAC System!

By following the checklist above, you’ll be at ease knowing that you’ve winterized your unit. In case you encounter repair problems or need immediate maintenance, Home Comfort Experts has you covered! Our professional mechanics provide high-quality HVAC services such as repair, installation, maintenance, tune-ups, and replacement that your unit may need before winter. Contact us today to learn more!

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