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You Won’t Believe What’s In Your Dryer Vent

A dryer vent connects your dryer to the outside of your home, transporting the water vapor that is removed from your clothes safely outside your home. While it may seem like a simple enough task, it is extremely important. An estimated $100 million in property damage is caused by faulty clothes dryer vent installations every year.

That is why dryer vent cleaning services are a great item to add to your home inspection checklist. Most dryer vent cleaning services will discover nothing more than a buildup of lint; every now and again you will find something unexpected.

Below are just a few of the strange items that have been found in dryer vents that definitely should not have been found there.

Tennis Balls

While we can’t be sure exactly how these tennis balls made their way into the dryer vent, we do have some hypotheses. Most likely it was the dog who used the dryer vent to protect his toys from being lost. It may be a funny anecdote, but the danger of these tennis balls was real. The buildup of heat inside the vent is because of the blockage caused by the balls which could easily have started a fire.


You obviously can lose a shoe, but losing a shoe inside a dryer vent is an extraordinary occurrence. The lone sandal was caught in a DIY dryer vent cleaning tool. Somehow, the sandal was not removed before the tool was used and the tool was then left in the vent! In this case, it was easier to see how it happened, but strange nevertheless.

Squirrel’s Cupboard

Dryer vents are notorious for being used as homes for animals, most notably birds, squirrels, and even snakes. But on one occasion, an entire winter’s worth of acorns was found inside a dryer vent. Instead of living in the vent, this squirrel decided to keep it’s food safe and warm.

Hiring a professional dryer vent service can eliminate the possibility of these situations. While they may seem funny, having a clogged dryer vent can actually pose a serious threat to your system and your home.

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