Zoning Systems Help Bypass Hot And Cold Zones

One of the challenges of heating a home during this time of year is finding a way to keep everyone comfortable. Not only do different family members have different preferred temperatures, but different rooms in the home can stay warmer or cooler than others.

While it’s certainly an option to turn up the heat throughout the entire home, that approach may come back to haunt you when your utility bill arrives.


Zoning systems are designed to address just this sort of dilemma. Rather than heating the house based off of a single thermostat, zoning systems use multiple thermostats placed throughout the home to help control temperatures. These thermostats are connected to a central control panel that operates the dampers in the home’s heating system. The dampers are systematically opened or closed depending on which section of the house requires more heat, thereby giving homeowners the ability to customize temperatures throughout the home.


In addition to the added comfort that zoning systems provide, they can also lower home energy costs. When used in conjunction with programmable thermostats, some estimates indicate that zoning systems can reduce heating and cooling costs by as much as 30 percent. How? By separating a home into distinct heating zones, these systems allow homeowners to heat only the rooms that are in use at any given time. That kind of customized approach to heating a home saves money because you aren’t paying for what you don’t ultimately use.


If your home has hot or cold spots that you’d like to address, or if you’re interested in increasing your home’s energy efficiency, a zoning system may be just the solution you’ve been looking for.


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