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Fast Humidifier Repair, Replacement or Installation Services.

Home Comfort Experts offers fast and reliable humidifier repair, replacement, and installation services in Indiana.
While most people can tell a difference in temperature of just a couple of degrees, it’s not so easy to perceive differences in moisture levels. The result is that your home can be extremely dry without a humidifier installed, but you may not realize it. The problem with dry air is that it can cause a host of symptoms you may not even associate with it.


Itchy, Dry skin

as the humidity decreases, skin dries out and gets itchy

Sore throats & Dry Mouth

breathing dry air all night can cause sore, irritated throats in the morning

Chapped Lips

usually attributed to cold winds, lack of humidity is the real culprit. Dry, itchy eyes-everyone is affected, but contact lens wearers may notice this even more

Dry Bloody Noses

when the mucous membranes in the nose dry out, tissue can crack


wood furniture, molding, and hardwood flooring will crack from lack of moisture

Static Electricity

household members seem to get shocked every day

Colds & Coughs

moist mucous in your nose and throat capture many microbes, but when these tissues are dry, they cannot function properly, thus letting germs pass into your lungs

If you’ve noticed any of these signs, chances are the air in your home is lacking moisture. In the winter months, the combination of dry winter air, furnaces running almost constantly, and homes sealed up tight can cause the humidity level to drop dramatically.

The ideal level of indoor humidity is between 30% and 50%.
So how do you increase your humidity level?

Whole House Humidifier Installations vs. Portable Room Humidifiers

You might think you can get by with a portable room humidifier. It’s cheaper and adds moisture to the air. Unfortunately, portable units are usually only able to control the humidity in one room. To really make a difference, you’d have to get one for each bedroom and the room you spend the most time in (usually kitchen or family room). Besides the cost, the maintenance (cleaning and filling) each unit almost every day would undesirable. And don’t forget the energy costs of running 3-5 units every day all day. When you invest in a whole house humidifier it will constantly monitor the relative humidity of your home and deliver the perfect amount of moisture. Our skilled technicians will install your humidifier professionally.

Humidifiers Mean Lower Monthly Bills

Because moist air feels warmer, you can actually lower your temperature by several degrees and feel comfortable. This is because your body is designed to cool itself by sweating. When the moisture on the skin evaporates, it makes you feel cooler. So when the air is full of moisture, the sweat on our skin does not evaporate, so we feel warmer. So besides all the other benefits, you can actually save money on energy bills as well.

Does My Humidifier Need Maintenance?

Although today’s humidifiers require very little maintenance, you should have the filter inside you humidifier changed annually or at least checked by your service technician when he performs annual maintenance on your furnace. Let us to handle your humidifier repair or maintenance needs in Indiana.

New Professional Humidifier Replacements

At Home Comfort Experts, we carry General brand whole house humidifiers. We can help you choose the replacement humidifier that’s right for your home. Don’t suffer this winter with all the symptoms of low humidity. Keep your family healthy and happy and save money on energy bills with warm, moist air all season long. Give us a call and one of our Home Comfort Expert Humidifier Specialists will help you choose and install a whole house humidifier.

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