10 Tips to Trust In-Home Technicians

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MISHAWAKA/FORT WAYNE/PLYMOUTH, IN; ST. JOSEPH/NILES, MI — Whether it’s a new roof, new windows, new garage door, plumbing, landscaping or heating and cooling, each time you contact a service company, you are more than likely inviting a stranger into your home.

Do you have children or elderly living with you? Do you have fragile objects, valuables or sentimental artifacts in your home? Are you often worried about your our your spouse’s personal safety? Have you ever been taken advantage of by a company because you just didn’t understand the products or financing very well?
If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you understand how doing a little research on the front end can save you heartache in the long term, as well as provide you with peace of mind.

Here are our top 10 tips when choosing a home services provider:

  1. Is it easy to get in touch with the company/are they responsive to online comments and questions?
    Lack of responsiveness could mean the company is operating with a shoestring staff or budget and could be unable to meet your needs—or they could be trying to cut corners to meet budget.
  2. Are technicians licensed? Will they provide proof?
  3. Did the technician show up with a clean vehicle, a company uniform and neat clothes and shoes?
    Taking care of his or her personal appearance, equipment and tools is a sign that this company cares about your home and your needs.
  4. Are the technicians background checked and drug tested? Do they wear the seal of safety?
  5. Does the company have online ratings? How many? Are 90 percent or more in the high ratings category?
    Check the Better Business Bureau, the company’s Facebook page and Google listings. Seeing what former and current customers think may be your best, most honest resource.
  6. Are the technicians trained?
  7. Does the company identify who will be coming to your home? Does he or she show up with photo ID?
  8. If you are considering a purchase, does a project manager measure and give you options or simply push you to purchase?
  9. Does the company offer financing options?
    While lack of financing doesn’t mean the company you are looking at is bad, the availability of payment plans means this company has good credit and a relationship with a bank, which means it has been responsible creditor and employer in your area.
  10. Does the company you are researching hire locally or does your technician and sales staff come from far outside your region?
    Companies that hire locally are invested in their local economy and community, bringing you better work quality accountability.
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