Water Heater Maintenance

Water Heater Maintenance in Indiana & Michigan

Hot water is essential for a comfortable and functional household. Regular water heater maintenance can ensure that your water heater operates properly and efficiently. 

Home Comfort Experts offers quick, professional water heater maintenance services in Mishawaka, Fort Wayne, & Valparaiso, Indiana, & Niles, Michigan.

Water Heater Tune-Up Services

Our water heater maintenance services include:

  • Inspection: A thorough examination of your water heater, including the pressure relief valve, anode rod, heating elements, and temperature controls.
  • Draining and Flushing: Removing sediment buildup from the tank, which can reduce efficiency and shorten the lifespan of your heater.
  • Temperature Adjustment: Ensuring your water heater is operating at the optimal temperature for both comfort and safety.
  • Leak Detection: Checking for any water or gas leaks around the tank, valves, and pipes.
  • General Upkeep: Tightening loose connections, lubricating components, and identifying any potential problems.

Contact Home Comfort Experts for a water heater tune-up in Mishawaka, Fort Wayne, Valparaiso, Indiana, and Niles, Michigan. We offer both individual water heater tune-ups and routine maintenance service agreements.

Benefits of Regular Maintenance

Regular water heater maintenance helps protect your water heater and increase energy efficiency. Here are some benefits of regular water heater maintenance:

  • Extended Lifespan: Regular maintenance can extend the life of your water heater by several years, saving you money on water heater replacement.
  • Improved Efficiency: By removing sediment buildup and ensuring proper operation, your water heater will use less energy to heat water.
  • Reduced Risk of Failure: Early detection of potential problems can prevent costly water heater repairs or breakdowns and inconvenient cold showers.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing your water heater is functioning properly gives you peace of mind and avoids the hassle of unexpected repairs.

Don’t wait until your water heater goes out! Schedule a water heater maintenance service in Mishawaka (South Bend), Fort Wayne, Valparaiso, Indiana, or Niles, Michigan, today!

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