3 Furnace Noises That Keep You On Your Toes — And On The Phone Calling An HVAC Pro

No matter the age of your system, you should never ignore unusual furnace noises. Often an indicator of more serious problems, furnace noises should be taken seriously — so call the best Indiana heating and cooling company if you hear any of the following noises:

  • A problematic furnace blower belt can lead to a squealing noise, often high pitched. In this scenario, it’s common to find that the belt has either slipped off the motor, it has worn out or the bearings in the motor require lubrication.
  • Malfunctioning pilot lights in older furnaces often cause a low rumbling noise, and generally require the help of an expert to adjust or clean the light.
  • In gas systems, a dirty burner generally sends out a warning signal in the form of a rumbling noise, too. It’s pretty common for buildup to gather on the burner, especially if a system doesn’t receive a regular tuneup. As the burner heats up, the rumbling noise begins as the buildup on the burner begins to burn.

Most homeowners use furnaces powered by gas, which is potentially explosive. And alternative power sources can be just as dangerous. That’s why you shouldn’t try to diagnose or fix a furnace yourself. Further, furnaces are complicated pieces of machinery, housing highly technical components. A do-it-yourself fix might damage the furnace, leading to higher costs down the line.


The best way to stay ahead of potential furnace problems? Have your furnace serviced regularly. With preventive maintenance performed each year, your heating technician will be able to spot wear and tear ahead of time and keep buildup to a minimum. However, the benefits of regular HVAC maintenance don’t stop here: You’ll also gain a more efficient system, lower energy bills and improved home safety.


Once you hear furnace noises, make it a priority to call in a professional technician. At Home Comfort Experts, serving Northern Indiana and Southwest Michigan, we’re happy to help you diagnose furnace noises and ward off potentially high repair costs with regular preventive maintenance. Just give us a call today.