3 Tips To Boost Heat Pump Performance To Energy-Saving Levels

If you have switched to a heat pump or are upgrading your current one, you can boost heat pump performance by ensuring that your HVAC system has the appropriate airflow, that your air ducts don’t leak, and that your heat pump’s refrigerant is correctly charged.


Heat pumps are an energy efficient home-comfort system choice, able to produce as much as three times more heat energy than it consumes in electricity to operate, according to the Energy Savers program. However, Energy Savers estimates that as many as 50 percent of these systems have problems with airflow, duct leakage and refrigerant charge, each of which can hinder performance.


Some tips for boosting your heat pump performance:

  • Airflow. The general rule for appropriate airflow for heat pump systems is at least 400 cubic feet per minute (cfm) for every ton of air conditioning. If the system falls below 350 cfm, system performance and energy efficiency suffer, decreasing your energy savings potential. Be sure that your contractor checks the system’s fan speed so that it will meet the necessary airflow capacity.
  • Ducts. Often, a home’s ductwork will leak, causing conditioned air to escape as air flows through the ducts, a factor that can and will affect airflow. Further, leaky ducts can cause your energy bills to rise by wasting conditioned air. Your contractor should evaluate your ductwork system and test it for leaks. When homeowners fix leaky ducts, airflow often improves.
  • Refrigerant. Most residential heat pumps are packaged systems, meaning the indoor and outdoor units are purchased together as a matched system. Packaged systems are charged on-site at the factory, often with an inadequate refrigerant charge. Upon installation in your home, make sure your contractor checks the system’s refrigerant charge, making adjustments as necessary.

Get the most out of your system, and boost heat pump performance. Have your heating and cooling technician ensure that your system’s airflow, ductwork and refrigerant charge are at optimal levels. Contact Home Comfort Experts today for high-quality service and installation. We proudly serve Northern Indiana and Southwest Michigan and stand behind our service with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.


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