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A Breakdown of HVAC Costs — Why Are They Worth It?

Folks looking to install an HVAC system in their home might be alarmed by the price, which is often comparable to the cost of a small car. The installation of a brand new HVAC system in an average-sized home can run from $6,000 to $12,000, leading some homeowners to wonder, “Is this worth it, or should I just try to do it myself?” To get a clearer picture, let’s break down the costs associated with AC unit and furnace installation in a new home.

The central furnace and AC unit

If you attempt to purchase heating and cooling units yourself, you will end up paying more for them than an HVAC service company, which will have a relationship with a manufacturer and buy from them directly. When you pay for a professional AC installation and furnace installation, you also get the workers’ knowledge of the permits and codes associated with HVAC systems, ensuring that no costly changes will need to be made in order to comply.

Furthermore, without a professional consultations, some homeowners may be tempted to get the cheapest unit possible to save money. However, what they do not know is that this solution only saves money in the short term — over time, a more expensive unit will more than compensate for the difference with its greater efficiency.

The ductwork

Ductwork on a new home is an involved affair, requiring significant amounts of labor. The final cost of ductwork will depend on the size of the home, ranging from around $1,000 for a smaller home to a few thousand for larger ones. This is a task which must be left to the experts, as it cannot be learned simply by reading online. Even minor mistakes can result in costly leaks which will increase heating and cooling bills.

The cost of mistakes

If HVAC equipment is installed incorrectly, the heating and cooling efficiency of your home could be diminished by 30%. The extra service costs and/or inefficiencies incurred by errors in installation quickly erase any possible savings from amateur HVAC work. This is a project that should be left to the experts.

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