Air-Source Heat Pumps Are A Good Heating And Cooling Option For Indiana and Michigan Residents

As a homeowner, you may assume that you need both a furnace and an air conditioner to maintain the comfort level in your home throughout the seasons. Heat pumps can do the work of both–so that you experience warm air in winter months and cool air in summer months–in one convenient system.


Some people hear the term “heat pump” and associate it with heating their homes, which is understandable; however, a heat pump doesn’t create heat. Instead, a heat pump moves heat from one location to another within your home using a small amount of energy. This means that your home will stay comfortable, and you will experience lower energy costs.


Residents with moderate cooling and heating needs, like those in northern Indiana and southwest Michigan, will find heat pumps a great alternative to traditional heating and cooling methods. If you normally heat your home with an electric heat source, you will find that a heat pump can reduce electricity usage by as much as 30 to 40 percent. Because it removes humidity from the air inside your home, a high-efficiency model can save you money in summer months as well.


Basically, a heat pump works by moving heat around from one location to another. The heat source may come from the air or the ground and is then used to heat your home. In summer months, the system is switched to reverse mode for cooling purposes. Unlike gas-burning furnaces that require fuel in order to operate, these units work by transferring heat.


Heat pumps are available today in several varieties, even for those who have homes without ducts. Whether you need an air source, ground source or mini-split model, you will enjoy the energy savings and comfortable indoor temperatures offered by a heat pump year-round.


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