Avoiding Common Plumbing Mistakes Helps Avert Disasters

Want to prevent plumbing disasters? Follow these simple steps from our master plumber, Ken,  and avoid making some of the most common mistakes that lead to plumbing disasters:

• Avoid hair in drains, and clean the hair strainer frequently to keep your drains

• Do not flush diapers, baby wipes or any other non-biodegradable items down the

• Avoid food scraps from being washed down the sink drain, and do not pour oil or fats
in the drain either (they solidify eventually)

• Avoid planting vegetation or trees near your sewer, this will prevent roots from
entering your line and causing a sewage back-up

Not every plumbing problem can be averted, so, when you need a plumber, call the experts at Home Comfort Experts. We guarantee 100% satisfaction and we’ll fix your problem right away. To schedule plumbing service, click here.

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