Clearing A Clogged Drain: What To Try Before You Call The Plumber

A clogged drain can be frustrating (and, occasionally, smelly), and the most serious cases require a plumber’s expertise. However, there are several things you can do to try to unclog your drain before you call in a plumber:

  • Call in the plumber’s best friends. A plunger is an inexpensive tool and can work wonders. If that doesn’t work, try a “plumber’s snake.” Available as long as 100 feet, these are pricier than a plunger, but still far less expensive than a visit from a plumber.
  • Melt your trouble away. One of the easiest ways to relieve a clog is to pour boiling water down the pipe. If you have a double sink, stuff the other side with a rag. The boiling water may melt the grease built up inside your pipes.
  • Try baking soda. Pour a cup of baking soda into the drain, followed by a cup of white vinegar. This mixture will bubble up and may dissolve some of the trapped debris in your pipes. After this has gone down, follow up with boiling water, and keep it coming for about 15 minutes.
  • Try a commercial product. Supermarkets carry a variety of products that promise to unclog sinks and bathtub drains. However, depending on the severity of the clog, they often provide only temporary solutions. In addition, these products are often made of toxic chemicals and must be used very carefully. Read the instructions!


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