Factors That Cause Your Furnace to Blow Out Cold Air

furnace blowing cold air

After spending the day out in the cold during winter, you’d want to stay warm and comfortable at home. But what if you suddenly noticed that your furnace is blowing cold air instead? While your furnace may be working smoothly, there are still instances where things can go wrong. Here are some possible reasons why your heating unit is blowing out cold air.

Thermostat Setting Issues

Check the thermostat settings of your heating unit. Your HVAC’s fan may have been left in the ‘ON’ position. This causes the equipment to continuously blow out cool air throughout your household. Flipping the switch back to ‘AUTO’ should allow the heater to work immediately.

Incompatible Thermostat

Have you recently installed a thermostat on your own? There may be a chance that it’s incompatible with your furnace. This causes the unit to produce unheated air. Having a professional inspect your HVAC unit ensures that the correct thermostat is in place.

Pilot Light Problem

Older furnaces have pilot lights that are on all the time. If your unit’s light is always off, there is a chance that its fire has been extinguished. The safest and most definite way to light the furnace back on is with the help of a professional, because you may be exposed to flammable gas. Additionally, any wrong move may damage it and inflict bodily harm.

Duct Leaks

Heated air from the furnace can escape through ducts with holes or fissures. This then causes cooler to come out of your vents. Have a certified expert examine your furnace and ducts to make sure any leaks are addressed immediately.

Leave Your Furnace Problems to the Experts!

If you encounter any of the issues listed above and your furnace is blowing cold air continuously, it’s time to call the professionals! At Home Comfort Experts, our team guarantees high-quality residential HVAC services such as maintenance, repair, installation, and tune-ups to meet your comfort needs.

We offer indoor air quality solutions and a wide range of HVAC products as well. Reach out to us today to schedule an appointment!

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