Control Dust In Your Home In 5 Easy Steps

When dust gets out of control, it can make your home look neglected — worse, it can affect your health, too. By following a few simple tips and maintaining a regular cleaning schedule, you can control dust in your home, improve your home’s indoor air quality and give yourself the upper hand.

Here are five tips for effectively controlling dust:

  • Create optimal conditions in out-of-the-way spaces. Closets offer prime conditions for dust to collect. That’s because they’re often hard to clean if they house a lot of items, and homeowners typically store materials in them that attract dust. Keep spaces like this easy to clean by clearing out clutter and storing clothing and blankets in sealed containers.
  • Boost your furnace filter. Installing a high-efficiency filter, with a Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) rating higher than 12, will help to collect more dust. But check with your HVAC technician or your owner’s manual to make sure a high-efficiency air filter won’t impede your HVAC system’s airflow.
  • Clean bedding regularly. Your bedding attracts a lot of dust mites. Washing it frequently in hot water and rotating sheets and blankets often will keep the dust mite population down.
  • Use effective dusting tools. Use damp rags or household-cleaning products specially designed to capture dust. Some dusters merely spread dust around.
  • Use an air-purification system. Particularly useful for home occupants with respiratory problems like allergies or asthma, an air purifier will clean the air in your home as it moves through your furnace and central A/C system. Often combining several air-cleaning technologies, these systems can pull double duty by helping to control dust as well as other allergens that may be impacting your health. Alternatively, you can select a vacuum cleaner with a  high-efficiency filter to trap and contain more dust.

Take the dust levels in your home down a few notches with these simple tips. For help improving your home’s indoor air quality, contact the professionals at Home Comfort Indoor Air Experts today. We proudly serve homeowners throughout Northern Indiana and Southwest Michigan.

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