The Cost of Heating & Cooling Systems Ownership: A Case Study

Ever stopped to think of what the cost of owning an HVAC system really is? There’s not a set answer for every system, but if you calculate a few factors, you can have a rough estimate of what it will cost you for the rest of its lifespan.  A common practice in the heating and cooling industry is to use a Life-Cycle Cost Analysis, or LCCA, to figure out what system is best for you, your home, and your situation. The Home Comfort Experts team wants to help you save more when it comes to keeping your home comfortable, whether you live in Mishawaka, Niles, or anywhere in between.

What is LCCA?

LCCA assesses the total cost of ownership, taking into account all costs from acquiring, owning, and disposing. This method is used to assess buildings and building systems. The point of the LCCA method is to help you make an educated decision that is also cost effective. In the case of assessing an HVAC system, this should help you decide if it’s cost efficient for you to keep your current system, or if it would be cheaper for you to replace it instead.

How Does It Work?

At Home Comfort Experts, we have a worksheet that we go over with customers called the True Cost of Ownership. This worksheet takes into account a number of factors, like safety, today’s repair, warranty, utility overpayment, inflation, how long you’ll live in your current home, age of equipment, comfort, convenience, operating hours, reliability, and future repairs. After assessing the different factors, a Home Comfort Experts’ technician can then give you an estimated cost of ownership for the rest of your system’s life expectancy. This can then help you make decide what, if any, action to take.

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Call the heating and air conditioning experts at Home Comfort to help you make this decision. We can walk you through the True Cost of Ownership worksheet and help you figure out your options. Call us today!

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