Everything Homeowners Need to Know About High Efficiency Air Conditioners

Summer in Indiana and Michigan is here to stay. But before it gets too hot, you should consider switching to a high efficiency air conditioner. It can keep your bills lower and your home more comfortable. Home Comfort Experts explains why they come so highly recommended.

See Lower Energy Bills

Air conditioners require a lot of energy to keep your entire home cool in the summer months. They are actually the biggest consumer of energy in your home, and also one of most expensive pieces of equipment in your home. Just compare your energy bills in the summer to your bills in the spring and fall. New high efficiency air conditioners can help lower your bills, though. While there are a wide variety of options, we suggest choosing one with a high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating, or SEER. To see more savings, go with a system that has a rating of 12 SEER or greater.

High Efficiency Heating & Cooling Systems Require Less Maintenance

While a new high efficiency air conditioner might cost you up front, they’ll save you a pretty penny when you get home. Not only will they save you on energy bills, but they will also save you on maintenance down the road. High efficiency systems tend to require less maintenance and fewer repairs. Another plus side to high efficient systems? They take on less stress when operating, which means they have a longer operating life.

Efficiency Means More Comfort

Efficiency can not only make a world of difference for your wallet, but also for the comfort of your home. High efficiency AC systems produce a more consistent airflow. This helps improve the comfort of your home by eliminating temperature swings.

Call the heating and air conditioning experts at Home Comfort this summer to install your new high efficiency air conditioner.

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