Do You Really Need Air Conditioning Maintenance?

It has been months since you have used your home’s air conditioner and the last you can recall is that it was working just fine! So do you really need to schedule that spring maintenance check? We will let you make the call but before you do, check out the benefits of getting a Home Comfort Experts’ tune-up for your air conditioning before the hot weather hits.


Fix AC Unit Issues Before They Become Problems


Problems usually start small and get bigger over time until they reach the crisis point. A loose wire can turn into a severed connection and a seemingly dead unit. A sluggish fan can turn into a stopped fan. You get the picture. Regular maintenance lets your HVAC technician spot the trouble before your air conditioning stalls out on the hottest day of the year. It’s not a guarantee, of course; sometimes things just break. But in many cases, a maintenance call can save you from a big repair bill.


Air Conditioner Tune-Ups Help You Save Money


Even if those minor issues we mentioned above don’t cause your AC to sputter out, they can still impact your wallet with higher electricity bills each month. For instance, let’s say you have a minor refrigerant leak. If it’s small and slow, your unit will keep working. But it will have to continuously work harder to cool the air down, which means you are using more electricity and spending more money. The same applies for a dirty filter: the air has to work harder to push through the dust, so the fan has to work harder. During a maintenance call, your technician will check your system and eliminate these little nuisances before they add up to big problems.


Regular Air Conditioner Maintenance Keeps You in Warranty


Many AC units require that you demonstrate you’ve had regular air conditioner maintenance in order to honor the warranty. Missing an appointment might mean you’re stuck paying out of pocket for repairs that should be covered under warranty.


Helps Extend the Life of Your System


Proper maintenance is key to making sure your air conditioning unit lasts for years to come. Just as you regularly change the oil in your car or empty the bag on your vacuum cleaner, preventative measures keep everything running better and longer.


Are you convinced? If so, now is the perfect time to schedule your spring maintenance. Give Home Comfort Experts a call or schedule an appointment online.

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