AC’s Ducts and Vents

How to Protect Your AC’s Ducts and Vents From Rodents

Rodents are intelligent little creatures that love to stay inside houses. They sneak into small spaces to move around and avoid getting spotted. They’ll usually treat your cooling and heating ductwork as their transit system. Once they find a good spot, they’ll eventually start to reproduce, which means more problems for you.

Rodents in your ductwork pose a threat to everyone’s health in your home. Rats aren’t the most hygienic animals, so they can surely compromise your indoor air quality if they’re inside. They can also start to chew on different components, leaving you no choice but to call for an AC or furnace repair in Elkhart. Luckily, there are a few ways on how you can protect your unit from those small critters.

Assess Your Ductwork

Before you start with the preventative measures, you have to make sure that there aren’t any rodents living inside. Visit your attic and check the ductwork there. Rats will usually leave telltale signs of their presence: a bad odor from their droppings and a significant mess on the components.

If you think that your ductwork is infested with rats, call a pest control service. They’ll help you with getting rid of all the rodents inside.

Repair or Replace Broken Components

Once the rodents are gone, it’s time to fix the mess they’ve made. They’ve likely chewed their way through some of the ductwork. Have them repaired or completely replaced immediately since they will cause some issues. The air will just go through the cracks and holes, which means you won’t get the most out of your HVAC system.

Seal the Ducts and Vents

The next step in rodent-proofing your ducts and vents is by sealing them completely to guarantee that rats won’t get inside again. This can also help you with your AC and furnace maintenance to make sure the air won’t leak through certain crevices.

There are two products to choose from when sealing air ducts and vents: HVAC tapes and sealants. The first one is an adhesive sheet of rubber that’s rated for HVAC use. Many people opt to go with this alternative because it’s quite easy to use. Meanwhile, the second option is a paint-like substance that can be applied to cracks with a caulking gun. It generally lasts longer since it’s thicker and most kinds are waterproof.

Use Reliable Traps

You can take preventative measures up a notch by placing some traps. Figure out possible entry points then sprinkle some talcum powder around them. This will help you precisely detect the rodents’ footprints so you can set up snap traps in exact locations. Also, using aromatic food like peanut butter and cheese as bait will work best.

Secure Your Vents and Ducts

Your AC and furnace provide fresh air to each room of the house. But, they can’t do that if there are rats nesting inside your ductwork. So, make sure to protect these parts of the system from being infested. Contact Home Comfort Experts when you’re dealing with these kinds of issues. We have professionals who can give you a hand. And, if there’s extensive damage, we can also help you with any kind of AC and furnace repair in Elkhart.