Home Energy-Saving Tips To Endure A Long Midwest Winter

At times, winters in the Midwest can really put a strain on comfort and warmth. The season generally signals the increased, consistent use of home heating systems to combat continuously cold and ever-increasing cooler temperatures, not to mention ice and snow storms.


While it’s not logical to drastically dial back your home’s temperature to make room for improved energy savings, you can use these creative, energy-saving tips to reduce the amount of fuel energy your home consumes, while maintaining home comfort.


Without spending a dime, you can set your home’s temperature back a few degrees to save energy. Programmable thermostats help you do this on a regular basis, and you can set your thermostat to a reduced temperature by up to eight degrees and decrease utility bills. Setbacks are ideal while you and your family sleep, or when the home is unoccupied, and they won’t compromise your comfort.


For just a few dollars, you can invest in replacement filters for your furnace system. And regularly changing your furnace filter can lead to significant savings. A a clean filter maximizes a furnace system’s ability to operate efficiently. During winter in the Midwest, when you use your furnace on a daily basis, it’s recommended that you change its filter every month.


A low-cost investment in caulk and weather stripping materials can help you seal air leaks throughout your home. Think about it: As your heating system generates conditioned air, it travels through every space in your home. And that air can and will escape through leaks, not only because of the fact that the exterior shell of your home has holes in it, but because these holes create pressure within your home that allows cooler outside air to then draw conditioned air out.


To take advantage of steps to maximize the way your home uses energy, or to have your heating system serviced to keep it running smoothly, contact the experts at Home Comfort Experts today. Serving Northern Indiana and Southwest Michigan with our energy-saving tips and satisfaction-guaranteed service, we’re always happy to help.


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