Empty Basement for HVAC Systems

An Extra Space Down Below: A Finished Basement and HVAC Systems

You might be one of those homeowners wondering about the unfinished basement below the house.

Although it’s an extra room you can use, if it is nothing but a dank and dark space lurking below the floors, the very thought of it may make you uncomfortable. If you look past the “abandoned” quality of your basement, however, you’ll see it could actually help you enjoy your home to the fullest.

Finishing your basement is a home improvement project that guarantees great returns on your investment. Compared to adding another room, remodeling the basement costs 10 to 15% less per square foot.

Whether you take the DIY route or hire handyman services in Indiana, it’s important to list down some considerations concerning current heating and cooling systems. Can the systems you have in place accommodate the additional space, or will you need an upgrade?

Keep All HVAC Components Clear

Unfinished basements come with air handlers, house furnaces, and other HVAC components. During the designing stages of your floor plan, develop a way to accommodate all appliances for functional and aesthetic reasons. In some cases, finished basements come with mechanical or utility rooms to conceal these appliances.

Before you enclose gas furnaces and other appliances, check out local gas code requirements for a well-ventilated space.

Consider Function: Will Everything Work Accordingly?

Finishing the basement often requires you to add several square feet to all living areas.  The addition of space will affect your HVAC unit’s capability to heat and cool. Before you proceed, determine if the current heating and cooling system can handle the additional demand. Do you need more capacity? Will an upgrade of the system make a difference?

If you think an extension of the system is necessary, prioritize running the duct work in the basement. Adding another air conditioning or furnace unit requires additional duct work; the space available, however, might not be enough to house another HVAC component or duct system.

Finishing the basement gives you and your family more room to enjoy. Maximize the extra space by prioritizing the heating and cooling systems during the remodeling process.

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