HEPA AIRE Duct Cleaning Provides Maximum Return On Your Investment

No one wants to think that their home might be damaging their health, but that’s just what’s happening all over the country. Of all of the environmental risks out there, the Environmental Protection Agency lists poor indoor air quality as one its top five concerns.


In fact, by some estimates, indoor air can have more than 60 times the level of pollutants than you would find outdoors.


How is that possible? As homes become more energy efficient, there’s less exchange between indoor and outdoor air. Today, our homes can be so airtight that many pollutants become trapped inside where they circulate continually through our heating and cooling systems. Under those circumstances, dust, dirt, pet dander and even mold and bacteria are hard to eliminate without some intervention. These contaminants linger indoors indefinitely, aggravating breathing problems and posing a risk to even healthy individuals.


At Home Comfort Experts, we’re committed to the comfort and safety of all our customers. That’s why we offer HEPA AIRE duct cleaning as a part of our indoor air quality services. Using the most technologically advanced equipment on the market today, our HEPA AIRE duct cleaning service will eliminate virtually all of the contaminants found in your home’s HVAC system ductwork. Our system is so efficient that it can even remove particles that are 300 times smaller than a human hair.


While improved air quality is the primary benefit to HEPA AIRE duct cleaning, there are others as well. When dust and dirt collect in a heating and cooling system, it can put undue strain on the system itself. This often forces the system to run for longer periods of time, which results in higher utility costs and increases wear and tear on the equipment. Along with regular maintenance, duct cleaning protects your home’s HVAC equipment by keeping it running efficiently.


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