Home Comfort Expert(ise): What is R-22, Why Should I Care and Why so Expensive?

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Refrigerant 22R-22, what is commonly referred to as Freon, is one of the gases used to “charge” an air conditioner. In 2004 the Environmental Protection Agency announced a phasedown schedule on production and distribution of this ozone-depleting chemical.
As R-22 is phased out, it’s price has increased due to lack of availability, increased regulations and increased demand.
Because R-22 was found to release hydro chlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs), a new substance is used in air conditioning systems manufactured after 2007, R-410A. This chemical is better for the environment and more efficient in heat pump and air conditioning systems, saving homeowners money.
There is a lot of misinformation out about R-22 but the truth is, because the EPA is phasing it out, it is VERY expensive right now. Some companies may be reclaiming it from old systems, and reselling it at a comparatively low cost – a process which is unethical and possibly catastrophic to equipment due to contaminates in recovered refrigerant.

Homeowners have choices

You can still recharge your old system with R-22, Home Comfort Experts has a limited supply, but it is costly.
You can have R-22 removed and a substitute refrigerant added, though these are neither as efficient as R-22 or R-410A. Ask your Home Comfort Expert to explain.
Homeowners can update their entire system with R-410A compatible equipment. Newer equipment saves money over the long-term.
Please call Home Comfort Experts to discuss the age and type of system you own

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