Homeowners From Northern Indiana To Southwest Michigan: Energy-Saving Tips You Need To Know About

Have you ever looked at your electric bill or fuel statement and wished you could make it go down instead of up? If you’re serious about getting in on some energy savings, there’s a great website you should visit. It’s totally anonymous; you don’t give your name, and no one will call. But it’s designed for your specific area. It’s the Energy Star Home Advisor, and it offers suggestions for energy savings for your particular home and neighborhood.


Go here, fill in the blanks — providing your ZIP code, heating and cooling methods and water heater type — and click the submit button. After you click, you’ll get a list of ways to help lower your energy costs.


A hypothetical home in Elkhart, for instance, with central air, a gas furnace and electric water heater brings up a list of nine ways to save energy. Three items on the list:


  • Install a programmable thermostat. Programmable thermostats help you take control of energy costs when your home is unoccupied. Setting back temperatures while you’re sleeping or away can produce significant savings. These thermostats are very affordable and are proven to reduce costs.
  • Upgrade your equipment. High-efficiency equipment can reduce energy costs by 20 percent or more. Equipment over 10 years old can have maintenance and operating issues that result in higher energy bills and repairs. Getting a properly installed upgrade can save you on repair bills and energy.
  • Increase insulation. Bringing insulation levels up is a smart one-time investment. Insulation works both summer and winter to lower utility costs and increase your home comfort.

If you would like more energy-saving tips — or advice on how to enact your energy-savings goals — contact the Home Comfort Experts. We’re always happy to help.

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