How To Keep Your Room The Right Temperature With Zoning Systems

Zoning systems and zone control of HVAC systems provide a solution to hot and cold rooms.  In fact, it does a lot more for you (and your energy budget) than you may realize.  You can think of this in terms of light switches in every room.  You wouldn’t have one light switch for the entire house.  Why heat or cool the entire house when most of your time is spent in one or two rooms?

If your thermostat is on the first floor, in a hallway, or living room and your bedroom is on the second floor, you’re not controlling the temperature in your bedroom efficiently or effectively.  Besides being uncomfortable, you’re wasting money trying to keep unoccupied rooms heated or cooled.

Professionally installed zoning systems and zone control, a system of independent thermostats and airflow mechanisms, put you in total control of your environment.  It allows you to control the temperatures in the rooms/zones that require heating and cooling and preventing unoccupied zones from gobbling-up unused conditioned air.

Zoning is controlled through the opening and closing of motorized dampers based on temperature settings for each zone.  Dampers are fitted into air ducts to control the flow of air into a room.  The dampers are controlled by a series of thermostats for each zone.  A central control panel communicates with each thermostat and your HVAC system to send heated or cooled air to that zone to satisfy the thermostat setting.

Some benefits of zoning systems and zone control are energy efficiency, convenience, and comfort.

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