How to Prevent Plumbing Pipes From Freezing

Frozen Pipes

Before the winter approaches, property owners should always schedule a furnace tune-up and making sure their pipes are in good condition. Doing so helps prepare for the cold weather, so they won’t have to worry about emergency pipe repairs. Here are some tips to follow to keep pipes from freezing:

Keep Pipes Insulated

Freezing water expands, which may rupture your home’s pipes. Using insulation is relatively cheap and helps preserve your tubing system’s integrity through winter. Pay close attention to unheated areas of your home and consider fiberglass, polyethylene, or foam insulation for your pipes. You may also use duct tape and newspapers temporarily.

Heating cables could be used as insulation too. Just wrap them around the pipes. They are steadily heated by electricity and keep the temperature inside and outside of pipes at a specific level. This prevents water from freezing.

Another option would be an electrical heating tape. It is powered by electricity as well and may be wrapped around pipes. The self-monitoring type uses a sensor to determine if your tubing system needs more heat. Meanwhile, the manual version just needs to be plugged in to start producing heat immediately.

Leave Faucets On

Leaving your faucets on may help prevent frozen pipes. Determine which ones are often exposed to the cold, and then turn those on. Running water carries internal energy that creates friction and a small amount of heat, alleviating any pressure build-up caused by freezing cold water. This prevents any ice blockages from forming too.

Keep Thermostat Settings Consistent

When your thermostat is set at the same temperature night and day, you won’t have to worry about your pipes bursting at different parts of your home. Keeping your home’s indoor temperatures at a specific level efficiently can also help prevent icing through cold winter days and nights.

Keep the Heat On

When leaving your home, keep your heater on. If your furnace is left off during winter, low indoor temperatures may cause pipes to freeze and burst. Leaving the thermostat at around 55 degrees Fahrenheit can help. The cost of repairing pipes is more than any accrued electric or gas bill over time.

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