In The Market for a New Air Conditioner? Give High Efficiency Consideration

While nobody wants the expense of replacing their air conditioning system, there are times when it is necessary. Old units reach the end of their useful life and need to be replaced by newer equipment. The good thing is that this gives you the opportunity to upgrade your air conditioning system to one of the newer, more energy efficient ones.

If your house is more than 10 years old, your air conditioning condenser is probably a 10 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficient Ratio) unit. While considered a good unit when it was installed, that level of technology has been replaced by newer 12 and 15 SEER units.

A 12 SEER air conditioner will save as much as 15 percent in energy usage over a 10 SEER one. Compared to that, a 15 SEER air conditioner saves another 16 percent in energy over a12 SEER unit. That’s more than  30 percent in energy savings over a 10 SEER unit. That’s quite a savings. Additionally, these 15 SEER units qualify for the 2011 energy tax credit, allowing you to recoup part of your installation costs.

At this level of energy efficiency, your costs for buying and installing that new energy efficient air conditioning system can be recouped in as little as two years. But your savings won’t stop there. Every year of operation will mean more savings for you.

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