Mold Contamination in Your Ductwork: What should You Do?

checking mold contamination

Your duct system functions as the “lungs” of your home, since they’re responsible for distributing fresh air indoors. It is, therefore, necessary that you keep it free from airborne pollutants and hazards. Some harmful pollutants can make their way into the home, and households with mold and bacteria growth in their air ducts at a higher risk of creating unhealthy air conditions for their family.

Molds Appear Where Moisture Accumulates Indoors

Households with excessive moisture are more prone to mold contamination. Any surface that holds water, such as wood beams or the floor, is more vulnerable to mold growth since it often crops up in places where moisture accumulates. Mold spores outside the living area could also make their way indoors through air intakes located near standing water. Another way mold could make its way indoors is through poorly cleaned HVAC systems.

Mold in Air Ducts Can Trigger Allergic Reactions

While it’s easy to write off constant sneezing as hay fever or seasonal allergies, the manifestation of an allergic reaction could be due to mold contaminants within the household. The symptoms are similar to usual allergic reactions since they include wheezing, rashes, and itchy eyes. As such, having your heating and cooling system cleaned is necessary to dislodge dust, pollen, and debris in ducts to prevent any further health risks.

Eliminating Mold in Air Ducts

The problem with mold contamination is that not all sections of your air duct system are accessible for a visual inspection, so it can be difficult to identify possible areas where mold has accumulated. Getting professional help is the best way to keep your ductwork clean of any major contaminants. After that, hiring annual air duct cleaning services is the best possible way to prevent the build-up of mold.

Scheduling routine maintenance is your house’s best protection against the infiltration of molds in your household. To avoid the health hazards associated with mold growth, you can count on our air duct cleaning services in Indiana to keep fresher air circulating in your household. A house free of dust and airborne particulates translates to a better quality of life, after all.

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