Narrowing the Choices for Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats are an excellent way to keep your home comfortable when you’re there, and to save energy and money when you’re not. Deciding to go with a home programmable Thermostat may seem like a no-brainer here in northern Indiana and southwestern Michigan, where our energy bills can be high– but which model should you select? There are many models to choose from and it can be pretty confusing. Here are some considerations to help narrow your choices:

If your family’s schedule changes often, you will want to choose a seven-day model that will allow you to program something different for each day of the week. If you have a set schedule during the week and another on weekends, choose a 5+2 model, and if each weekend day is different, pick out a 5+1+1 thermostat. If things are really hectic, there are models which notify you when filters need to be changed and some are even remotely programmable.

Are you looking for precise control of your home’s temperature? Are you relatively detail oriented? If so, digital models will work well for you. They often require a multi-step process to set up and change your schedule, but they also give you more options and additional features.

Do you value simplicity, but also want to save money on your utility bills? If so you may want to choose a basic programmable thermostat. These don’t require the detailed set-up of a digital model, but they’re easy to use and quick to program.

To make your final choice, seek out an HVAC expert for advice on what types of programmable thermostats work with your home comfort system. You may want to opt for professional installation to make sure your system performs at its best. Your technician will install your new thermostat(s) in the optimum locations(s) and make sure the system is up to electrical code.

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