Plumbing Emergency 101: Different Steps to Take

Plumbing Emergency Faucet

At one point, you may have dealt with a simple issue with your pipes. But how will you know when you need to call a 24-hour emergency plumbing service? Here are some tips on how you can properly handle a plumbing emergency.

Stay Calm

Getting into a plumbing predicament can sometimes incite panic. However, it’s best to keep calm so you can properly think of what to do. Also, damage can be minimized when you’re not worked up. Instead of feeling nervous, call a plumber immediately and head to the next steps.

Shut the Water Off

When it comes to major plumbing emergencies, quickly turn off the water source. For toilets, look for a valve located behind or at the base of the commode, then turn it off. Meanwhile, larger emergencies require shutting off the main valve. In case you can’t find it, shut off the main water supply, which can be spotted near your water meter.

Check the Water Heater

During a major emergency, turning off the water heater can prevent damage to your unit. When the main valve is shut, turn off the unit so the heat will not well up inside. Failing to do so may increase the risk of overheating and even bursting.

Find Small Leaks

When you’ve identified small leaks, stop them immediately. Do so by placing plumber’s tape on the cracks. You may also stuff cloth, towels, and rags around the pipes or place buckets under the dripping leaks. Inform the plumbing team about these leaks so they can address the problem immediately.

Clean What You Can

Before a professional plumber arrives, make sure to clean any excess water. Neglecting this can cause damage to the flooring, furniture, walls, and many more. You might find yourself spending more instead of paying for plumbing repairs only.

Let Home Comfort Experts Help With Your Plumbing Problems!

Remember that when it comes to major plumbing repairs, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. Doing so can potentially reduce further damage. If you need a 24-hour emergency plumbing service, Home Comfort Experts has you covered! Our trained and skilled plumbing team can assist you with quality plumbing repairs, installation, drain cleaning services, and more! Reach out to our professional plumbers today!

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