HVAC Preparation Tips for a Snowstorm

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For some, the winter weather can be fun and enjoyable. However, it can also be dangerous since no one can predict when a snowstorm will hit. To keep yourself and your family safe and warm from blizzards, you need to ensure that your heating and cooling system is in good condition. Here are simple tips to prepare your HVAC system for the chilly season.

Schedule an HVAC Inspection

An inspection can save your HVAC system from being broken beyond repair. Not only is it cost-effective, but your unit can also be adequately prepared to handle extreme weather conditions. Make sure to call a professional to conduct a thorough inspection before a possible blizzard arises.

Replace Air Filters

Clogged filters can cause your HVAC unit to work harder during colder weather. Over time, any collected dirt, dust, and dander may significantly impede the unit’s air intake system. Additionally, having children, pets, or smokers in your household further increases the amount of filtered debris. So, air filters must be replaced at least every 3 months to make sure your HVAC runs efficiently. Consider having spares on hand as well.

Have a Professional Perform Furnace Tune-Ups

Your home’s heating and cooling system is comprised of many moving mechanical parts. Having it inspected by a professional technician can help keep it working smoothly during extreme weather conditions. A certified expert may also replace belts, hoses, switches, or other parts when deemed necessary.

Consider Having a Backup Generator

During a snowstorm, there is an increased chance that your power may go out. Having a backup generator can help keep your lights and HVAC unit on. Consult with a licensed technician before purchasing a generator to ensure compatibility.

Make Your HVAC Unit Snowstorm Ready!

By following the tips listed above, you’re not only protecting your investment but your family’s safety as well. In case you need professional HVAC inspection on your unit, our skilled team at Home Comfort Experts has you covered! It is our goal to provide comfort and meet your HVAC needs.

We also offer maintenance and furnace repair 24/7. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our reliable HVAC services and wide range of indoor air quality products!

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