Proper Air Conditioning Maintenance During Hotter Seasons

Proper Air Conditioning Maintenance

With increased usage, your AC unit is likely to suffer breakdowns and malfunctions during the warmer season. No need to worry. As a homeowner, you can do your part to ensure that your cooling system is in great working condition. Here are some ways to keep your air conditioner functioning properly:

Schedule Tune-Ups As Early as Spring

It is best to be prepared before the hotter weather comes around. A strategic way to do this is by getting an annual tune-up before the end of spring. A certified technician can clean your unit and check for malfunctions. This way, your air conditioner is ready for use when summer rolls around the corner.

Change the Air Filter Regularly

The air filter serves as a catch basin for allergens and dust that could potentially damage your cooling system. When this clogs up, it can obstruct your air conditioner’s air flow and prompt the compressor to exert more power than it needs to. You can prevent this from happening by regularly changing your unit’s filter.

Check if the Return Air Ducts Are Clean

Much like the air filters, your AC’s duct cover is also prone to clogging due to dirt and dust that pass through it. These can also cause the compressor to work double time and make it more vulnerable to breakdowns. Avoid this scenario by inspecting and cleaning your unit’s ducts regularly.

Inspect Your AC’s Wiring System

Check your air conditioner for frayed, exposed or loose wires from time to time as this may result in fire hazards as well as cause serious damage to your unit. Be sure to unplug your AC first before doing this. If you think the damage is too complicated, don’t hesitate to ask help from a certified HVAC company.

Don’t Overuse Your AC Unit

A cooling system is a household necessity especially during the summer. But keep in mind that your AC needs a break too. Overworking your unit may lead to breakdowns as it quickly loses its efficiency. To avoid this, you can search for other ways to keep yourself cool during the summer like using a fan or installing blinds and curtains on your windows.

Schedule Regular Inspections

Apart from the ways of a practical homeowner, it is also important to schedule regular visits with a certified HVAC technician. They can check your cooling system for any damage and come up with ways to address it in its early stages. This way, you wouldn’t have to deal with costly repairs or replacements in the future.

Get Air Conditioning Maintenance from a Trusted HVAC Company

The last thing you’d want during the warmer season is a broken air conditioning system. At Home Comfort Experts, we will ensure that your unit is properly taken care ofwhen conducting maintenance work. Our certified technicians are committed to bringing you comfort and 100% satisfaction.

Apart from performing AC repairs and maintenance, we also offer servicing for plumbing and heating systems for Indiana residents. If you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to connect with our team or fill out the form on our website today.

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