Yes, Even In Winter, Regular Air Filter Changes Ensure Top Performance

Air filters are your heating system’s first line of defense against system failure, and they improve indoor air quality. In fact, experts say the failure to change air filters regularly is the most common contributor to system breakdowns.


Your furnace is hard at work producing heat all winter; changing your filter regularly will help keep it chugging along for years to come.

That’s because clean air filters:

  • Increase efficiency. Your furnace needs enough airflow to operate efficiently. A dirty filter won’t allow enough air to pass through it and into your heating equipment. A clean filter helps ensure proper airflow and better performance.
  • Keep your system clean. If your filter is dirty — or full — it will be unable to trap more dirt and particles. Once this happens, some dust and debris will simply bypass the filter and get inside your furnace’s components, leading to a grimy buildup. As a result, the furnace will consume more energy to produce heated air.
  • Help ensure lower energy bills. With a clean filter trapping dirt and keeping your system clean, your furnace will operate efficiently, and you’ll receive more-manageable utility bills.
  • Extend the life of your furnace. When your filter can do its job, minimal dirt buildup occurs. Your system will last longer, as a clean filter will reduce wear and tear.
  • Improve your home’s indoor air quality. When your filter is clean, it keeps dirt out of the furnace and out of your home’s air. When you stay on top of changing your air filter, your home’s air quality will improve.

How often should you change your filter? Most experts recommend that homeowners change a filter about once a month during winter, when systems perform continuously. If you have pets that shed or ongoing construction projects, you may want to check the filter more often.

Regular air filter changes will help keep your system performing at peak capacity. For advice or help choosing new filters, contact the heating and cooling professionals at Home Comfort Experts. Serving Northern Indiana and Southwest Michigan, we are always glad to help.

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