Power Generator

Stormy Weather Ahead! Do you need a Whole-house Standby Generator?

MISHAWAKA/FORT WAYNE/PLYMOUTH, IN; ST. JOSEPH/NILES, MI — Indiana and Michigan’s severe weather often leads to an overloaded electrical grid. Meanwhile, frequent wind events or car accidents can knock out power for hours or days. For many, electricity is a necessity. Without it, water cannot pump, food spoils, the Internet is lost, and mechanical systems that protect your home fail, presenting …

Standby Generators: An Important Part of Your Home System

If you live in an area with frequent and prolonged power outages, home standby generators are a long-term, permanent solution for powering a home. Here are 10 important reasons and advantages why you should own a standby generator. 1. You can power all or a portion of your home during an outage- a home backup generator delivers power directly to …

How to Coach Your AC Unit Through the End of Summer

While summer may mean vacations for most, your AC unit is running overtime. The combination of summer heat and humidity in our area puts your home HVAC system through its paces, and—if you don’t keep to a regular schedule of AC maintenance—it may decide to drop out of the race before the finish line.