Saving Energy With A High Efficiency Boiler

As energy costs increase, it becomes essential to take steps to save money when heating and cooling your home. High efficiency boilers save energy, which ultimately saves money.

But when is the right time to install a high efficiency boiler in your home? If your current boiler is more than 10 years old, it may be cost effective in the long run to purchase a new, more efficient boiler.  Check out our Home Comfort Solutions Guide for more information about the advantages of switching to a high-efficiency system.

High efficiency boilers typically utilize electronic ignition.  This ignition system eliminates the need for a pilot light, which can be costly to keep burning around the clock. Newer technologies present in high efficiency boilers allow the appliance to produce the same amount of energy from less fuel.

A boiler’s efficiency is measured by annual fuel utilization efficiency, or AFUE. This figure is expressed as a percentage of the heat produced out of the entire amount of the energy consumed. A perfectly efficient boiler would have a 100 percent AFUE.  According to, high efficiency boilers have an AFUE between 90 and 97%.

In contrast, mid efficiency boilers typically have an AFUE between 80 and 83%, and low efficiency boilers run between 68 and 72%.  If you replaced your 70% AFUE boiler with a 90 percent AFUE boiler, you would save approximately $22 per $100 of fuel costs annually, according to an analysis by

Upgrading from a 70% AFUE boiler to a 90% AFUE boiler means that you would be conserving 20% more energy.  We can explain more about the advantages of high efficiency boilers.  Contact us and we’ll go over your options.


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