UV-Light System: Hospital Technology That You Can Have In Your Own Home

Air filtration and purification is necessary to maintain a good air quality in the home. Although filters do a good job of catching particles and preventing them from circulating through the air, they don’t kill biological contaminants, which include things like mold spores and bacteria.

Ultra-violet Light Purification Systems

UV Light is a type of light that is not visible to the human eye. In very large doses, it can be harmful to humans; however, UV radiation in smaller does can be utilized to kill bacteria and mold spores as they circulate through your home’s air. When they’re part of your duct system, UV purifiers provide whole-house purification. As your HVAC system circulates air through your ducts, the airborne pollutants in the air get pulled through the UV light, which kills them. The dead biological matter continues through your system until being caught by your furnace filter, or any other filters you have in place.

The U.S. EPA notes that UV radiation purifiers are effective against vegetative bacteria, molds, and moderately reduce viral contamination; however, UV light systems should be used in conjunction with standard air filtration.

Indoor Air Quality

A whole-house UV purification system can be placed in your ducts, so that your indoor air quality improves throughout the home. Portable ultra-violet light air cleaners will improve indoor air quality as well, but they are designed to cover a specific area, so you will need to make sure to get the right size purifier.

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