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What Are The Benefits Of A Two-Stage Furnace?

A two-stage furnace, or two-stage heating as it is commonly called, is a more efficient heating system that can be used to provide more even heat distribution for your home. These systems are particularly efficient for cold weather areas, such as Indiana and Michigan.

How Does A Two-Stage Furnace Work?

Two-stage furnaces are able to produce more even heat distribution by using two levels of heat output. This allows the furnace to use technology to determine what level of heat output is needed for the current situation. These settings would include high for extreme cold and low for milder days.

This allows the furnace to control the level of the output based on the specific conditions inside the house. If the temperature is mild, the furnace will not open fully and will continually heat the house to the desired temperature. If the temperature drops significantly inside the home, the furnace would then open fully to run at full capacity to heat the home.

What Are The Benefits of a 2 Stage Furnace?

The difference between a traditional furnace and a two-stage furnace is easy to comprehend. But what are the benefits of installing a two-stage furnace?

    • Consistency: Two-stage furnaces run for longer periods of time than standard furnaces. This allows them to regulate the temperature better, removing the usual temperature fluctuations with standard furnaces.
    • Efficiency: Another benefit of two-stage furnaces running in a low setting for long periods of time is it burns less fuel than standard furnaces, which constantly shut on and off.
    • Less Noise: Because two-stage furnaces aren’t constantly turning on and off, they are much quieter than traditional furnaces, which will produce a “kick” when they start and will be louder as they run at full capacity.


  • Air Quality: With air constantly passing through the filters in a two-stage furnace system, more contaminants are able to be trapped, thus improving the quality of the air in your home.


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