What Your HVAC Contractor Should Check During Annual Service

Now is the time to make sure that your air conditioning system is ready to be put to the test — before the intense heat and humidity return to Southwest Michigan and Northern Indiana. Annual maintenance of HVAC equipment is critical to keeping it running all summer. It also helps ensure that your system will be operating at maximum efficiency and not wasting energy.


Annual service of your A/C will include a check of both your outdoor condenser unit and the indoor air handler. An important part of the tune-up will be cleaning all the components so that air can flow freely through the unit. When coils become clogged with dirt and dust, the system cannot work as efficiently as it should and electricity bills go up.


A tune-up of the air conditioning system will also include a check of refrigerant levels to make sure that your system is properly charged. If levels are low, the service technician will search for leaks and repair them. The ductwork in your home will also be checked to make sure that it is sealed properly. Leaks in the system will prevent cool air from reaching its destination, making some rooms too warm while others are too cold.


Your technician also should make sure that your HVAC system is cycling on and off properly. The thermostat should be tested to make sure it is taking accurate readings and wired properly so that the heater and A/C cannot operate at the same time. During servicing, all electrical connections should be tightened and the moving parts inside the unit lubricated to reduce wear and tear.


Manufacturers of air conditioning units require annual service to maintain the warranty on their equipment. A preseason tune-up can help protect your investment in your HVAC system and avoid expensive breakdowns.

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