When Was The Last Time You Had An HVAC Check-Up?

It’s important to give heating and cooling systems a complete checkup annually; this a critical piece to preventive maintenance on equipment keeps your home comfortable. Knowing what to look for in a service technician and a preventive maintenance visit is crucial.

Cooling Maintenance

  • Coils should be cleaned. Dirt buildup on coils makes the unit run longer and work harder, using more energy and wearing down the unit.
  • Refrigerant should be checked and recharged. The technician should also make sure there is no leakage. Refrigerant that is too low or too high leads to inefficiency and, over time, the life of the unit is reduced.
  • Blower components also need to be cleaned. This will allow for optimal air flow and ensure maximum comfort levels when in use.

Heating Maintenance

  • Loose or improper gas connections are a fire hazard.
  • Gas pressure: ensuring acceptable levels is crucial.
  • Burner combustion and heat exchange: any problems here, such as a crack or dirt, will cause the unit to work less efficiently and it is definitely not safe.
  • Carbon monoxide: a professional can also check these levels. A plug-in unit can also detect carbon monoxide levels.

Cooling and Heating

  • The thermostat should be checked to make sure it is reading the temperature correctly. Any nearby drafts or impediments to an accurate reader should be monitored.
  • Electrical connections for heating and cooling units should be checked.
  • Motors should be measured for correct voltage.
  • All parts should be lubricated for maximum operation.
  • Air filters should also be checked and replaced if needed.

For preventative maintenance, it is recommended that a furnace is inspected prior to winter and an air conditioner prior to summer. An inspector’s busiest seasons are when these units are in use, so scheduling ahead of time can make it easier to get an appointment that fits your schedule. However, there’s no reason you cannot schedule a checkup for your furnace in the middle of the winter. If it’s been over a year since your last preventive maintenance check up, call your local HVAC team now.

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