Why You Should Replace Your Furnace and Your Air Conditioner At the Same Time

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Summer is winding down, though we’ve still got plenty of hot days ahead. Still, you’re probably thinking ahead to readying your home for fall. If you’re caught in that transitional period between seasons and aren’t quite sure whether you want to soak up the last of the rays or haul out your sweater collection and snuggle up on the couch, you certainly aren’t alone. But it’s important to note that this is the perfect time of year to consider your HVAC needs.

Not only should you pursue furnace repairs or air conditioning maintenance well before you need to make the switch, but you may also want to mull over the idea of replacing both of your units at the same time. This could eliminate the horror of an unexpected outage and can actually save you a lot more money than you might realize. Let’s take a closer look at why you might want to opt for new furnace installation and air conditioning installation all at once.

Most importantly, the blower motor and other parts inside your furnace are a big part of what makes your AC run. They work together. Too much power on your AC can harm an older furnace because it cannot handle the capacity, and vice versa. We rate a furnace and air conditioner based on the amount of air they can push through during a given time period and size equipment based on, not only your home size and duct length and size, but your family’s needs. Do you have family members with breathing difficulties or allergies? Lots of pets or a smoker in the house? If you replace only the furnace, the older air conditioner will not be sized to or able to handle these requirements. Improper balance in the system can tax the motor and other parts, causing you to need more repairs.

Air Conditioner ControllerYour setup will be more efficient

Assuming that you aren’t just in need of minor AC or furnace repairs, choosing to replace both components of your HVAC setup can provide for greater efficiency. Furnaces last for 15 to 18 years, typically, while AC units usually last somewhere from 10 to 15 by most estimates. If your units are getting up there in years OR are a lower-efficiency unit, to begin with, you can decrease your home energy use (and your bills) by upgrading both components at the same time. By “matching” your split system, you’ll ensure both components operate at full efficiency, which will make your home more comfortable and lower your costs.

You might qualify for incentives

If you’re a new homeowner and have only had air conditioning or furnace repairs and maintenance performed in the past, you might not realize that replacing both units at the same time can pay off (literally!). It’s entirely possible that special offers may be made available to you because of your decision. Sometimes, system manufacturers offer special promotions for a duo deal. Your heating and cooling services company may also provide a discount for purchasing and installing them at the same time. Again, this can save you money, allowing you to take on other home improvement projects or earmark funds for other unexpected improvements that come up throughout the year.

You’ll make it easier for your technicians

This might not necessarily seem like the highest priority on your list, but replacing both units at the same time can make your technician’s life easier. Allow us to explain. When you replace both units together, you’ll be much less likely to require AC or furnace repairs in the near future. That’s because your HVAC setup will be brand new and be operating efficiently. Ultimately, that means fewer costs and fewer problems for you — and fewer trips your technician will have to make to fix your units. By replacing both components at once, you may even be able to opt for what’s called a packaged unit — which can provide easier access for your HVAC company when they do need to come visit for regular AC maintenance or the rare furnace repair. It’ll save room in your house as well, which means you’ll have extra space to devote to other features. When your technician is happy, you’ll likely be happy, too.

Interested in replacing both units before the summer says so long? We’ve got you covered. To learn more about scheduling your new furnace and AC installation, please contact us today.

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