3 Common Scenarios for Homeowners without a Battery Backup Sump Pump

In the Mishawaka, Columbia City, and Fort Wayne, Indiana areas, we have seen our fair share of heavy rains this summer. So how can you ensure that your home is protected from flooding?  One extremely helpful way is through a battery backup sump pump. Check out three common scenarios Home Comfort Experts sees on a regular basis that will leave you wanting to install a battery backup sump pump for your home!

Scenario 1: Your Home’s Main Sump Pump Fails

Sump pumps are used in areas that experience flooding regularly, typically in the basement of a home. They help to take care of dampness where the water table is often above the foundation of the home. So when your home’s sump pump fails due to one technical issue or another, it is important to have a battery backup. If not, your basement can experience flooding or even worse.

Scenario 2: No Batter Backup Sump Pump During a Power Outage 

Heavy rains begin, the strong wind is blowing trees around your home, and just like that your power is out! This scenario is a familiar one for many Indiana homeowners, especially in lieu of recent rainstorms. Without electricity, situations like this require the use of a battery backup sump pump. When this device is triggered, it acts as the main sump pump and prevents flooding in your home’s basement.

Scenario 3: Your Main Pump’s Water Flow Capacity is Surpassed

Your home’s sump pump pumps water out of its sump basin, otherwise known as the area in a sump pump in which the water is collected. If it cannot keep up with the amount of water entering the sump basin then it begins to overflow. This is a third, common scenario in which a battery backup sump pump would be beneficial to homeowners.

If your sump pump is in need of a battery backup, give Home Comfort Experts a phone call. Our skilled and professional plumbers are experts when it comes to sump pumps. From installing them into your home, adding a battery backup sump pump, or performing regular maintenance they have you taken care of! For more information, give us a call today.