3 Common Scenarios for Homeowners Without a Battery Backup Sump Pump

install a battery sump pump

During the summer, it’s normal for areas around Indiana and Michigan to see a fair share of intense rainfalls, which can lead to potential flooding. Are you looking for a reliable way to protect your home during these rain storms? Consider installing a sump pump with a battery backup.

A sump pump with a battery backup serves as a reliable defense against water damage, providing an extra layer of security when you need it the most. Homeowners frequently encounter situations where they realize the importance of having a battery backup sump pump.

In the worst of cases, you’ll lose power during a storm. That’s why having a non-electric sump pump is beneficial if your home is at risk of flooding. Take the time to learn about why you should have a plumbing professional install a battery backup sump pump in your home.

Why Should You Install a Non-Electric Sump Pump Backup?

While a regular sump pump is beneficial in and of itself, if your home loses power during a thunderstorm, your device may stop working, risking a flood. While it’s never a mistake to install a sump pump, speaking to a technician who can recommend the right unit for your home’s needs is crucial.

Here are three scenarios that homeowners may experience if they don’t have a battery backup sump pump in their homes.

Scenario 1: Your Home’s Main Sump Pump Fails

Sump pumps play a crucial role in areas prone to frequent flooding–usually your home’s basement. Their primary function is to combat dampness, especially in regions where the water table consistently surpasses the foundation level. However, when your sump pump starts malfunctioning and fails to perform its duty, the consequences can be severe.

That’s where a battery backup steps in as your home’s safety net. Without a backup, your basement becomes vulnerable to flooding, posing not only a threat to your belongings but also risking structural damage to your home. With a battery backup, your appliance will continue removing excess water from your home, even if there are electrical issues.

Scenario 2: No Battery Backup Sump Pump During a Power Outage

When the heavy rains fall and the lightning strikes, your home may be vulnerable to losing power. Without electricity, situations like this require the use of a battery backup sump pump.

Similar to a whole home generator, the battery backup sump pump kicks into action when the main power source is unavailable. This ensures continuous water removal from the sump pit, safeguarding your basement from potential water damage.

Investing in a battery backup sump pump is a smart move for any homeowner, adding an extra layer of protection against unexpected power outages and keeping your basement dry even in the face of severe weather conditions.

Scenario 3: Your Main Pump’s Water Flow Capacity Is Surpassed

When there is a high amount of water in your sump pump’s basin, there are times when it can struggle to keep up with the incoming water, leading to potential overflow. This situation can occur during heavy rainstorms or if there’s a sudden surge in water flow.

In instances where the primary sump pump is overwhelmed, a battery backup sump pump kicks in, providing an additional layer of protection and removing the water. No matter how overwhelmed the sump pump is, the battery-operated device will assist in removing water from your home.

When you need a reliable sump pump without electricity, a battery-operated device is here to help. Combat the storm season in Northern Indiana and Southwest Michigan by reaching out to our plumbing professionals at Home Comfort Experts. We’ll inspect how vulnerable your house is to flooding and help you find a reliable sump pump to protect your home.

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